Docker Certified Associate (DCA)


Core Docker Concepts – Docker Community Edition Installation And Configuration

Storage And Volumes


Docker Certified Associate (DCA)

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  • Course Introduction
  • About the Training Architect
  • Course Features and Tools

Core Docker Concepts – Docker Community Edition Installation And Configuration

  • Introduction to Docker Community Edition
  • Installing Docker on CentOS
  • Installing Docker on Ubuntu
  • Selecting a Storage Driver
  • Running a Container
  • Upgrading the Docker Engine
  • Configuring Logging Drivers
  • Introduction to Docker Swarm
  • Configuring a Swarm Manager
  • Configuring Swarm Nodes
  • Namespaces and Cgroups

Image Creation, Management, And Registry
Docker Enterprise Edition
Image Creation, Management, And Registry

Introduction to Docker Images

The Components of a Dockerfile

More Dockerfile Directives

Building Efficient Images

Managing Images

Flattening a Docker Image to a Single Layer

Introduction to Docker Registries

Using Docker Registries


Locking and Unlocking a Swarm Cluster

High Availability in a Swarm Cluster

Introduction to Docker Services

Using docker inspect

Docker Compose

Introduction to Docker Stacks

Node Labels


Docker Networking

Built-In Network Drivers

Creating a Docker Bridge Network

Deploying a Service on a Docker Overlay Network

Exposing Containers Externally

Network Troubleshooting

Configuring Docker to Use External DNS

Docker Enterprise Edition

Using Docker Enterprise Edition

Installing Docker EE

Setting up Universal Control Plane (UCP)

Security in UCP

Setting Up Docker Trusted Registry (DTR)

Sizing Requirements for Docker, UCP, and DTR

Configuring Backups for UCP and DTR

DTR Security Features

Managing Certificates with UCP and DTR

Storage And Volumes

  • Docker Storage in Depth
  • Configuring Device Mapper
  • Docker Volumes
  • Image Cleanup
  • Storage in a Cluster


  • Signing Images and Enabling Docker Content Trust
  • Default Docker Engine Security
  • Docker MTLS
  • Securing the Docker Daemon HTTP Socket
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  • Number of questions: 40
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