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Agile Scrum Master – Implementation Questions

1.Why Agile Manifesto?

The agile are everywhere, and the agile business is the sustainable business. Each company must continuously update its product and service in a customer-centric fashion in order to incorporate relentless improvement.

To satisfy the demands of the business, we must find new ways to develop and deliver products and services more quickly. The system (hardware/software) that enables the offering of new products and services must also adapt.

The Agile Manifesto describes a new way of working that involves delivering work in shorter time frames with feedback and continuously improving the product to satisfy changing market demands.

The Agile Manifesto is shown here (source: By doing it ourselves and assisting others in doing it, we are learning better ways to design software.

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan

In other words, even though the goods on the right have worth, we place a higher value on the items on the left in the Manifesto

2. Why Agile Principles?

Although we initially discuss 12 Agile Principles, each business may add additional principles as they follow agile in a strict manner without using anti patterns.

If all of the concepts are embraced and ingrained into the organization’s core habits and culture, the organization will undergo a genuine transformation.

Here are the points which should become the true habits in an organization. (Source :12 Agile Principles in 12 Sprints – Deep dive into Agile Manifesto by Imran Quazi)

12 Agile Principles in 12 Sprints — Deep dive into Agile Manifesto | by Imran Qazi | being-agile | Medium